Take a sip.
First, the surprise of ginger - full and fruity.
Then, the shock of chilli - hot and amazing.
A thrilling heat wave runs through your body.
The unique taste and sensation of Pimento.
You need a second sip. A second experience.
You just won’t want any other soft drink from now on!

(With lime it’s even better)

You’ll love the kick.

"I’d always liked strong drinks - those which you can feel burning your lips, palate and throat, but then one day I decided I was going give up drinking alcohol.

I looked everywhere for a strong but non-alcoholic beverage, and soon realised that one didn’t exist so I decided to create my own!

I remember going all over Paris to buy roots, flavours, spices, cordials, fruits, chilli pepper and juices for me to experiment with in my kitchen laboratory at home.

I poured a full-flavoured, sensual liquid from my mixing bowl and drank my magical creation - totally delicious; sweet yet beautifully spicy on my taste buds. The discovery of Pimento: Soft like a soda, intense like a spirit. A thrilling heat wave runs through your body.

Pimento is the natural child of an Anglo-Indian ginger beer and an African ginger juice and is now available for everyone to enjoy. It’s perfect for people - like me - who don’t drink alcohol or who think that classic sodas lack any real flavour.

It’s also perfect for people who like to spice up their cocktails & mocktails to make them fiery and awesome."

Eric Dalsace

Pimento is probably the best spicy ginger drink in the world!

Made with ginger, tonic and hot pepper natural flavours, it contains also small amounts of bitter orange, lime, gentian and oregano natural flavours.

A unique and innovative soft-drink made in France, low in sugar and full of taste. Bottle closed by a twist-off cap.

Pimento is a real and daring experience. It produces an amazing kick, it tastes like alcohol but it’s not!

Served chilled, this non-alcoholic spicy ginger beer is perfect for people who don’t drink alcohol or who think that classic sodas lack any real flavour.

Bartenders prefer Pimento because its chilli pepper really enhances flavours. The drink is arguably the most versatile mixer there is with a wide range of spirits.

Furthermore, Pimento is a ready, natural accompaniment for many of the world’s foods - perfect with South-American, Asian, Scandinavian, Mexican, Indian, Anglo-Saxon, African, Spanish or Middle East cuisines.

At last, it is interesting to note that a growing number of leading chefs use Pimento to cook - deglazing prawns, shrimps or chicken fillets and creating marvellous sauces or innovative desserts (Granita).

A few words about Pimento :

I certify to have the age required by the laws of my country of residence

To make a great cocktail, bartenders need good spirits, but above all they need good soft drinks that are going to blend well with spirits and boost them.

In fine mixology, only ginger beers do this job.

Mixologists prefer Pimento because its chilli pepper really enhances the flavours of cocktails.

Moreover in a mix, the spirit slightly softens the kick of Pimento - the drink is still hot and “caliente”, but a little bit gentler on the palate.

In many countries, Pimento is often used to spice-up mocktails and cocktails. Most famous are Spicy & Stormy (from Dark N’ Stormy), Hot Mule (from Moscow Mule), Mojito Pimento (that replace the sparkling water), Hot Bomb (with Jägermeister), Spicy Shandy (with a light lager), or Gin & Ginger, also called Italian Mule in Italy.

In a mocktail, the proportion will be the following: 1/3 Pimento, 2/3 fruit(s) juice.

Cocktail recipes, click here

If you like rum, tiki drinks and Pimento, you’ll love « A Mountain of Crushed Ice », the famous blog of Helena Tiare Olsen from Stockholm.

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Distributed in France by Renaissance (Maison Villevert Group, Cognac), and sold in almost 1.000 French outlets (pubs, cocktails bars, restaurants, fine groceries & supermarkets) through many HORECA wholesalers including METRO national network, Pimento is also imported by major companies in Canada, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, French West Indies, French Guiana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Mayotte, Reunion island, Mauritius, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, India, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Soon in many other countries..

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Media are unanimous: Pimento is a unique and innovative beverage.

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Eric Dalsace
CEO / Founder


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